3 Common Repairs Made To Necklaces And Bracelets


For some people, jewelry is a simple accessory. For others, jewelry is an important heirloom or valuable collectible. Therefore, ensuring your jewelry is both appealing and in good condition is smart for protecting its look, value, and the ability to wear it. Unfortunately, over time, certain pieces of jewelry take more abuse than others. Necklaces and bracelets may need repair at some point in time. Here are a few common repairs that most people require for their necklaces and bracelets.

19 December 2018

Time For Some Updates? 3 Ways To Improve The Lighting In Your Home


If your home aging faster than you'd like it too, and you've decided to take care of some much-needed updates, don't forget about the lighting. You might not realize this, but updating your lighting can be a breath of fresh air to an aging home. Here are three steps you can take to update your lighting system. Work with What You Have If you're going to be updating the lighting in your home, it's a good idea to start with what you have.

21 January 2018