Are You You Shopping For A Sentimental Gift For Husband's Christmas Present?


Are you already thinking about Christmas shopping? If so, that more than likely means that all of your shopping will be done way early. You can even gift wrap and tag your presents before Thanksgiving. That will just mean you'll have time for things like baking cookies, Christmas caroling, and all the other fun things that come with the Christmas holidays. 

Maybe part of your Christmas list is focused on buying your husband a sentimental gift this Christmas. In the past, maybe you have gotten him practical gifts like tools or clothes. While those gifts were appreciated, perhaps you are wanting to buy a gift that will become a keepsake for this year's Christmas gift. From selecting a man's ring to choosing other custom jewelry, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Custom Men's Ring - One idea for a truly sentimental gift is to select a ring for your husband. Making it a custom order will make it even more special, won't it? For example, maybe the wedding ring you gave him at the time of your marriage wasn't a quality ring. Would you like to replace it? Or, maybe you know that he would never give up the ring you gave him. when you got married. That doesn't mean that he can't have a second ring, does it?

Whether it's a replacement wedding ring or a ring for another finger, consider having the ring engraved. For example, maybe you'll take words from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. Those words could say something like, Whither thou goest, I will go. Or, maybe you'll choose something humorous that has special meaning only to you two. When you say  goodbye every morning maybe you say something like, "Mind Your P's and Q's". In that case, would he get a kick out of having those words engraved inside a gold band? 

Other Men's Custom Jewelry - There are certainly other jewelry items that would probably be very well received by your husband on Christmas morning. If your budget is somewhat lean, consider buying a beautiful sterling silver tie tack for your husband's Christmas gift. Choose a tie tack that is associated with something he loves to do. For example, if he is a fisherman, a fish tie tack would be perfect.

Another idea is to buy a braided leather band that has silver as part of the design. The leather will make it appropriate to wear with things like jeans. The silver will mean your husband can wear it with suits, too. Get more ideas and shop mens rings today. 


18 October 2019

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