Time For Some Updates? 3 Ways To Improve The Lighting In Your Home


If your home aging faster than you'd like it too, and you've decided to take care of some much-needed updates, don't forget about the lighting. You might not realize this, but updating your lighting can be a breath of fresh air to an aging home. Here are three steps you can take to update your lighting system.

Work with What You Have

If you're going to be updating the lighting in your home, it's a good idea to start with what you have. Making minor adjustments to your lighting can provide you with the basis for the other changes you'll be making.

Go with Dimmer Switches

If you don't have dimmer switches in your home, this is a good place to start with the upgrades. Adding dimmer switches to rooms such as the bathroom, bedrooms and dining room can make the lighting in those rooms more functional. For instance, you don't always want bright lighting in the bathroom, especially late at night, or early in the morning. Dimmer switches allow you to control the amount of light in those rooms.

Update the Shades

If you want to update your lighting, but you like the fixtures you already have, you can change things up by adding new shades. Updating the shades will allow you to make a few changes without replacing your favorite fixtures.

Think about the Additional Power Needs

If you're going to be installing new lighting fixtures, you'll need to think about the additional power needs. Before you tackle new fixtures, have an electrician take a look at your existing circuit board. If your home isn't wired for the additional lighting, be sure to update the circuit board before moving on to the new lighting.

Install Wall Fixtures

If you have a stairway in your home, and it doesn't have adequate lighting, now is a good time to install wall fixtures. Carefully-placed wall fixtures along your stairway will give you the light you need when you're trying to navigate the stairs. Remember to install the fixtures low enough for you to replace the bulbs without the use of a ladder. After all, ladders can be difficult to use on stairs.

Add Recessed Lighting

If you're going to be updating the lighting in your hallways and kitchen, and you haven't thought of recessed lighting, you need to. Recessed lighting works well in areas such as the kitchen and hallways. One of the benefits of recessed lighting is that it provides a wider area of light, which is important when you're working in the kitchen.

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21 January 2018

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