Why Gold Jewelry Makes A Better Gift


These days, you really have your choice of metals when buying jewelry. There are the old standbys like sterling silver, and then there are the more modern metals like titanium and tungsten. Still, there is one option that reigns supreme in the world of jewelry, even as other materials have some and gone -- and that metal is gold. Here are a few reasons why gold jewelry makes a better gift.

Gold will retain its value

The value of other metals has gone up and down wildly over the years. You can't know for certain whether alternative metals like Tungsten will still be worth very much in a decade or two, but gold has been valued for centuries -- maybe even millennia. There's very little chance it is suddenly going to lose its value in the next few decades. Yes, the value of gold does go up and down, much like the value of the stock market goes up and down, but you can count on it recovering after a dip. Therefore, when you give someone gold jewelry, you are giving them something valuable that will continue to be valuable forever.

Gold is dense

Gold is a very dense metal, or in other words, it is heavy for its size. This has an effect on the way the jewelry behaves in comparison to jewelry made from lighter metals. Necklaces stay hanging down, instead of flapping around when the wearer moves. Bracelets do not slide up under the sleeve so easily. Gold jewelry simply wears better, so your recipient will get more joy out of wearing it and will probably wear it more often. 

Gold is classic

Some metals go in and out of style, but gold will always be in fashion. If you give someone a Tungsten or Titanium necklace, they may only wear it for a few years until those metals go out of style. But classic gold is always in style, especially if you buy a simpler piece of jewelry with clean lines and not a lot of extra bling. A piece of gold jewelry is more likely to become someone's staple item they wear every day, or at least for every special occasion.

There are more options than ever before when it comes to jewelry, but that does not mean you should always pick the most modern choice. Stick with gold -- neither you or your gift's recipient will regret it. To learn more, check out a website like aaronsignature.com today. 


18 June 2019

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