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Promotional pens are an effective tool to hand out for just about every type of business. Not only does this device have enough room to feature your company's name, logo, and contact information, but you also have the option of choosing a pen in colors that are consistent with your branding. When you've found a company that can produce promotional pens for you, it's important to look at the many options that are available. While you'll want to consider your budget and choose a style of pen that fits within the budget, thinking about the design of each available pen is important. Here are some traits that your pens should ideally possess.

Gel Grip

If your pens are comfortable to write with, there's a good chance that people will use them regularly. Conversely, an uncomfortable pen is something that people may use a time or two and then set aside. One of the best design features for comfort is a gel-like grip on the pen. This softer surface provides a good place for people to hold while they write, which can prevent finger pain that may come from using a pen without a gel grip.


Some pens have clips on the non-writing end, which allows the user to clip it on a piece of paper, a clipboard, or even on the edge of a shirt or pants pocket. It's ideal to choose a pen design that features a clip. This design feature makes it less likely that someone will lose your pen. For example, the person can clip the pen to their clipboard, where it will stay until they need it. A pen without a clip isn't as easy to store, which could result in the person losing it. Having a clip also presents you with another small surface on which you may be able to place some branding information — your URL, for example.

Retractable Design

You'll have the option of choosing pens that have caps or those that are retractable. The latter has a button that the user can press to push the pen tip out of the shaft to begin writing, and then press again to retract the tip into the shaft. Many people prefer this design because it feels a little more high end. Additionally, you don't have to worry about someone losing the cap. When someone loses the cap to their pen, they may stop using it. Contact a local custom promotional pen company to learn more.


15 January 2021

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