Just Getting Into Cycling? Make Sure You Have The Following Gear

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Have you wanted to get some exercise and explore your neighborhood, and have decided to get into cycling? If so, you'll need a bit of gear to get started as a beginning. Make sure to have the following things to be well prepared.

Safety Gear

A good helmet is going to be key because you wear it every single time you are out on your bike. While it is always a good idea to try a helmet on, it may not be possible. One feature of a good helmet is plenty of air vents to keep your head cool since you'll be sure to be sweating when you are cycling.

Safety lights are also going to keep you visible. These can replace the reflectors on your bikes and actually flash to let others see you when it gets dark outside. If you plan on cycling later in the evenings, this is an essential item to have that will help keep you safe. 

Maintenance Gear

You'll want to make sure that your tires, chain, and bolts are well maintained on your cycling bike. Start by getting a nice manual air pump that has an air pressure gauge built into it. This will make it easy to ensure that your tires are inflated to the proper level before your rides. You should also get some spare tubes because you will eventually have a flat tire and need to replace it. Just make sure that you are buying a tube with the right dimension for the size of your bike tires.

Chain lubricant is also going to help the chain flow smoothly as you are pedaling. You can apply it by turning the bike upside down, spinning the tires, and applying lubricant to the chain as it is spinning. You'll find that this makes the ride much more enjoyable and prevents the chain from rusting.

Having a set of Allen wrenches on hand is going to be a great way to keep the bolts on your bike tight. Any components that have metal in contact with other metal, such as your pedals, can also benefit from having grease applied to them to keep everything moving.

Security Gear

You'll want to have locks that will deter someone from wanting to steal your bike if you will be securing it outside. Consider having two locks, such as a u-lock and a cable lock, to secure the bike at all times when you are not with it. 

For more information about cycling performance gear, contact a local sports store.


9 November 2020

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