Three Types Of Promotional Flashlights To Hand Out

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If you're looking at different options for promotional products that your company can distribute, it's important to think about the products that people will use. There are benefits to simple promotional products such as pens, but most people already have an extensive supply of writing utensils — and this may mean that some of the people who receive your pens won't use them. A flashlight can be a useful promotional product because this is a product that has value. A lot of people will decide to keep your promo flashlights and use them — and ideally think about your company each time. Here are three types of promotional flashlights that you can hand out.

Magnetized Flashlight

A flashlight that is magnetized is a handy type of device in the home — thus making it a good choice as a promotional product. You can expect that lots of the people who receive this device from your company will attach it to their fridges. In this location, the flashlight is valuable. For example, if someone were to drop something that rolls beneath the fridge, he or she might quickly grab the flashlight to retrieve the item. Additionally, in the event of a power outage, the person will be able to find the magnetic flashlight with ease.

Key Chain Flashlight

A lot of people will be excited about key chain flashlights, and will quickly affix these promotional products to their key chains upon receiving them. There are many different ways that this light can be handy. A recipient may use it while unlocking a house or car door in the dark, as a safety tool for walking through a dark parking lot, and even to find an item at the bottom of a purse. Each time that the person reaches for the key chain flashlight, he or she will see your company's name on the device.

Children's Flashlight

Promotional products that are geared at children can be effective. Even if children aren't your target audience, their parents might be — and when a parent sees his or her child playing with a promotional product, he or she will think about your brand. You may wish to consider getting some children's flashlights. They're typically made of colored plastic and have a simple design that makes them easy to use for children. Many parents will enjoy watching their children play with these flashlights, which provides them with plenty of lasting power in the home.

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26 November 2019

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