Dealing With Allergies In Your Home

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If you have a problem with allergies, then you should take all the steps you can to cut down on the possibility of those flair-ups. One of the areas you want to pay a lot of attention to is the inside of your home. By creating a living environment with less allergens, you can expect to see less allergy symptoms. Here are some of the things you want to do around your house:

Change your air filters – One of the most important things you can do is to make sure the air filter for your HVAC system is clean at all times. When you have allergies, you want to be diligent about checking it and should do so much more often than the average person. When air filters get dirty, some of that dirt will get sucked into the system and be blown back into the home where it will increase your chances of experiencing an allergy flair-up. Be sure to buy filters regularly so you always have some on hand.

Dust your home often with a microfiber rag – You want to dust all of the surfaces in your home on a regular basis, using a rag that's intended for this purpose. If you dust with a regular rag, then it can cause the dust to blow around in the air instead of sticking to the rag where it won't cause problems for you. Along with dusting all surfaces, you also want to be sure you get the registers for the HVAC system before you turn it on. Otherwise, all that dust is going to be blown around when the system kicks on.

Vacuum all fabric surfaces – You may not realize just how much dust can settle in your furniture. Each time anyone sits on it, some of that dust will be forced out into the air. Use a furniture attachment on a vacuum to suck the dust out of your furniture, as well as out of fabric drapes, wall tapestries or anything else that can be harboring dust.

Keep your vacuum clean – Along with making sure you have a good vacuum that has different settings to meet all your needs, you also want to be sure you keep the vacuum as clean as possible. Be sure to have plenty of filter bags on hand and change the bags as soon as they are half-way full. You also want to change the bags outside to avoid dealing with the dust flying in the house.


26 January 2018

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