Looking To Purchase A Garment Bag For Travel? Factors To Purchasing The Right One For You

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If you travel often, you may be looking to purchase a garment bag. A garment bag is designed to minimize wrinkles to item such as suits, dress shirts and dresses while traveling. The garment is laid flat inside of a bag. The bag then typically folds up into thirds, ensuring the bag is small enough to travel, yet allowing your item to still lie flat for the most part. Not all garment bags are the same. If you are looking to purchase a garment bag, here are a few factors you should consider as you go about purchasing one. 

How the Bag is Held

One of the factors to consider as you go about shopping for garment bags is how the bag is held. Some garment bags allow the hanger of the clothing item you have stored inside to poke out. You can then hold the contents of the bag and the bag itself utilizing these hangers. Other types of garment bags had wheels and a handle, much like a suitcase, allowing you to wheel the bag around. And other types have a shoulder strap, allowing you to wear the bag cross body, making it easy to carry through an airport. Carefully consider how you hold the bag when you are picking one out. 

If the Bag is Waterproof

Another important factor to consider as you go about selecting a garment bag is whether the bag is waterproof or not. Not every garment bag is. If you always carry your garment bag on a plane or keep it in a car with you, this may not be something you need to worry about. But if you are checking the bag in with the airlines, you need a waterproof bag. Your luggage can sit out on the runway while it is being loaded into and out of a plane. It can get wet if it is raining or snowing. If your bag isn't waterproof, your clothing inside can also get wet. 

How Many Items the Bag is Designed to Hold

The last factor that you will want to consider as you go about shopping for a travel garment bag is how many clothing items the bag is designed to hold. Some garments bags are designed to hold up to two suits, while others may have more space inside and can hold four or five suits. If you travel with a number of items in your garment bag, you will want a bag that is wider and has more space to hold more clothing items. 

If you are in the market for a travel garment bag, there are many factors to consider as you go about selecting a garment bag. Paying attention to each of these factors will help you select the garment bag that best meets your needs. Contact a shop, like BagOutlet, for more ideas.


22 December 2017

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